Behavioral Science Solutions Ltd is the business behind

The mission of is to act as a broker for knowledge in the behavioral sciences and to connect academics, behavioral science practitioners and decision makers in industry and government.

The consultancy arm of Behavioral Science Solutions was built on the recognition that corporations and government institutions increasingly look to the behavioral sciences for guidance to solve problems. Today, perhaps more than ever, knowledge of psychology plays an important role in shaping consumer research, marketing strategies and public policies. We combine conceptual, methodological and analytical expertise to meet the growing demand for insight informed by an understanding of psychological processes and behavioral principles.

Alain Samson, PhD, is the founder and Managing Director of Behavioral Science Solutions. Alain is a UC Berkeley and London School of Economics educated psychologist and quantitative researcher who specializes in consumer behavior. He is also the founder and owner of the Behavioral Economics Group and the editor of the Behavioral Economics Guide. Alain is able to draw on ten years of consulting experience and extensive knowledge of behavioral science theories, research design and statistics.

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Mailing address: Behavioral Science Solutions Ltd, 50 Craven Avenue, Suite F, London W5 2SZ, United Kingdom.

UK company registration number: 09498092