Alain SamsonAlain Samson is the founder of and Chief Science Officer at Syntoniq.

In the past, Alain worked as a consultant, researcher and scientific advisor, including an LSE-led consortium conducting behavioral research for European public policy. His experience spans multiple sectors, including finance, media, consumer goods, higher education, energy, and government.

Alain studied at UC Berkeley, the University of Michigan, and the London School of Economics, where he obtained a PhD in Social Psychology. His scholarly interests have been eclectic, including culture and cognition, social perception, consumer psychology, and behavioral economics. He has published articles in academic journals in the fields of management, consumer behavior and economic psychology. He is the author of Consumed, a Psychology Today popular science online column about behavioral science.

His work and opinion has appeared in the media, including the BBC, The Guardian, The New York Times, Metro, The Huffington Post, SAGE Business Researcher, MIT Sloan Management Review and Marketing Week. He is a Fellow of the UK’s Royal Society of Arts.

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