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Behavioraleconomics.com is home to the largest online behavioral science network (Behavioral Economics Group), the popular Behavioral Economics Guide, and a behavioral science blog that publishes the latest ideas and practices from academia, business, and public policy. The website aims to be a major knowledge broker in the behavioral sciences, particularly behavioral economics and behavioral insights. Behavioraleconomics.com consists of a growing community of individuals and organizations with a shared passion for behavioral theories, research, and applications. As an online hub, the site’s mission is to connect people, provide resources, as well as promote the growth and relevance of the discipline.

Behavioraleconomics.com was established by Alain Samson, PhD. While the site owes its existence to the rising demand for knowledge from the behavioral sciences, it is also a reflection of its founder’s history as a scholar and professional. Alain started out his professional life with a publisher of reference books. In the 1990s, he became a pioneer in online academic publishing, while completing his undergraduate studies at UC Berkeley. After a detour through the University of Michigan, Alain completed a PhD at the London School of Economics Department of Psychological and Behavioral Science. Since then, he has spanned the boundaries between academia and applied science as a business consultant, scientific advisor, and author.

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