Charge for Use or Nudge to Reuse? Suggestions for Policy Interventions to Discourage Plastic Consumption

Gauri Chandra discusses the negative implications of charging for single-use plastic bags and suggests alternative behavioural interventions.

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What is the Future of Behavioral Research and Large-scale Nudges? Five Practical Tips

By Nathan Maddix   Can nudging overcome physics envy? As is now well-known, tremendous results have been found for nudges – behavioral interventions designed to facilitate choice for welfare-promoting outcomes. In my work over the last 5 years, I have sought not only to design and administer nudges, but also to understand how economists and [...]

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Applying Behavioral Science to App Design: A Short Journey

Like many of you, I work in problem domains that are bedeviled by complexities, often in dispersed teams of people with different skills. New technologies are thrown into this problem solving mix with an accompaniment of overwhelming hyperbole on a daily basis. It soon becomes a case of struggling to see the forest for the trees. How exactly do we marry behavioral science, app design and engineering in an organized, coherent and repeatable manner in such a workplace?

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Myopic Loss Aversion: A Behavioral Answer to the Equity Premium Puzzle?

Stocks yield much higher returns than bonds and other riskless securities. In fact, in the last 100 years US equities have seen an 8% average annual real return, compared to only a 1% return for more riskless securities. This gap is called the equity premium puzzle – why are equities valued so much higher than securities? One behavioral theory attributes the equity premium puzzle to what’s known as myopic loss aversion (MLA) – the idea that loss-averse investors (as all investors are) take too short-term a view of their investments, leading them to react overly negatively to short-term losses. We designed the first natural field experimental evidence to show that MLA exists for professional traders.

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