BE Guide is the official home of the Behavioral Economics Guide. The latest edition includes an introduction by Gerd Gigerenzer and can be downloaded free of charge.

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Our LinkedIn Behavioral Economics Group connects a growing network of people from business, academia and the public sector with a shared interest in behavioral science. The group has more than 30,000 members from around the globe.

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Our new behavioral science blog publishes the latest thinking around behavioral science research, theory and practice. Recent posts cover a range of topics, including the role of trust in the sharing economy, a new framework for behavioral interventions, and a discussion of how your inaction online may be used to nudge a purchase.

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We recently launched our new behavioral science job board. Registration is open to both employers and candidates.

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Featured Event: Rethinking Marketing and Insights – Behavioral Economics Immersion

Presented by Yale School of Management, this three-day program is taught by distinguished faculty fellows of Yale’s Center for Customer Insights (YCCI) who have collaborated with industry leaders to develop a rigorous, hands-on curriculum grounded in a behavioral economics framework that produces results. Gain insights from cutting-edge behavioral research, and apply that knowledge to drive business results through deeper consumer engagement, impactful brand building, innovative product development, and research that generates real insights.