guide-behaviour-wheel From the publisher:

This is a practical guide to designing and evaluating behaviour change interventions and policies. It is based on the Behaviour Change Wheel, a synthesis of 19 behaviour change frameworks that draw on a wide range of disciplines and approaches. The guide is for policy makers, practitioners, intervention designers and researchers and introduces a systematic, theory-based method, key concepts and practical tasks. ‘The Behaviour Change Wheel – A Guide to Designing Interventions’ brings together theory-based tools developed in behavioural science to understand and change behaviour to form a step-by-step intervention design manual. This book is for anyone with an interest in changing behaviour regardless of whether they have a background in behavioural science. Authors, Professor Susan Michie – a world authority on behaviour change, DR Lou Atkins – researcher and Associate Teaching Fellow at the UCL Centre for Behaviour Change, and Professor Robert West – an internationally renowned expert on smoking and addiction, guide you through each step.

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