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The Behavioral Economics Guide is the official home of the free Behavioral Economics Guide. The new 2015 edition includes an introduction by Dan Ariely and is now available for download.


The Behavioral Economics Group connects a growing network of people from business, academia and the public sector with a shared interest in behavioral science. Our LinkedIn Behavioral Economics Group has more than 22,000 members from around the globe.


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Would you like to learn more about new developments in behavioral finance and sentiment analysis? Receive a 10% discount on the upcoming conference, Behavioral Models & Sentiment Analysis Applied to Finance, and its associated workshop, Behavioral Finance: Foundations and Recent Developments, both held in London, UK, in July, 2015.


Behavioral Science TED Talks


Check out our new collection of behavioral science TED Talks from the past ten years, featuring some of the most important thinkers in behavioral economics and psychology.