The Behavioral Economics Group is the LinkedIn network associated with The group connects academia, business and the public sector by bringing together people with a shared interest in behavioral science, particularly the influence of cognitive, emotional and social factors on decision making.
The BE Group was established in May, 2008. Its member count passed the 30,000 mark in October, 2016.






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Membership Composition (LinkedIn Stats)



Financial Services: 11%
Research: 10%
Marketing and Advertising: 9%
Management Consulting: 7%
Higher Education: 7%
Market Research: 3%


Research: 17%
Education: 7%
Consulting: 6%
Sales: 6%
Finance: 4%
Business Development: 4%


London, UK: 10%
Greater New York: 5%
San Francisco Bay Area: 3%
Washington D.C.: 2%
Greater Chicago: 2%
Greater Boston: 2%


Senior: 30%
Entry: 16%
Manager: 13%
Director: 9%
Owner: 6%
VP: 4%