As one of the most trusted sources of behavioral science information and insights, is proud to introduce the Behavioral Economics Academy. In this pilot initiative, we work with partners around the world to develop behavioral science training solutions designed to meet your organization’s needs.

Some of the core questions that may be addressed by behavioral science courses and workshops:

  • How does behavioral economics differ from other scientific perspectives?
  • What are the most pertinent ideas associated with behavioral economics and related fields?
  • What behavioral insights have been successfully used in the real world?
  • How can behavioral science help solve the problems faced by your organization?
  • How do you test the effectiveness of behavioral nudges or interventions?
  • What are the ethical issues to consider when behavioral insights are implemented?
  • How can you build behavioral science capability in your organization?

What We Offer

The market for behavioral science training and workshops is growing. But which of those offerings is right for you and your organization? We help you find your match.

We believe that behavioral science courses need to take into account where and how the insights will be applied. We design and deliver programs that fit your organization’s specific requirements, including your industry, unique challenges, and budget.

Do you already have some of the necessary resources in place, but need advice on building behavioral science education or training for your organization? Our experts can draw on both academic and practical experience and are happy to assist.


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