About Ariel Cecchi

Ariel Cecchi, Ph.D., is a research fellow at The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and a consultant in Behavioural Finance.

Retirement Planning, Psychology, and Behavioral Economics

Planning our retirement is an endeavour we need to undertake sooner or later. A well thought-out pension plan must be able to ensure our well-being during a long period of professional inactivity. However, a striking finding is that people do not save enough for their retirement. They have difficulties to design a retirement plan tailored to their needs and end up with an insufficient pension income and an impoverished lifestyle. Behavioural economics has pointed out some of the problems that affect retirement planning.

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Rationality and Affective Biases. Do You Know What They Are?

A common interpretation in behavioural finance is that rationality is the result of a pure cognitive process which can be behaviourally biased. While cognitive biases are influences that affect rationality from within the cognitive system, affective biases refer to those influences that affect the cognitive system from outside. Unfortunately, the assumption that rationality is a pure cognitive process is not well motivated. Rationality results from the intrinsic interaction between cognition and emotions.

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