About Manisha Shah, Abigail Sellman & Temina Madon

Manisha Shah is an Associate Professor of Public Policy at the School of Public Affairs at UC-Los Angeles. Her work investigates the influence of economic incentives on risk behavior choices and health outcomes in developing countries. ____Abigail Sellman is a Program Coordinator at the Center for Effective Global Action where she provides research support and leads the dissemination activities of the Behavioral Economics in Reproductive Health Initiative.____Temina Madon is Executive Director of the Center for Effective Global Action and provides leadership in the Center's scientific development, partnerships, and outreach.

Behavioral Economics and Reproductive Health Decision-Making

Even with increased access to reproductive health and family planning services, girls and women in developing countries can face behavioral barriers that prevent them from achieving their desired reproductive health outcomes. We use innovations from BE be to design research interventions; with the goal to inform effective FP/RH programming.

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